elliot! Search engine Project

elliot! Search engine projects, was founded by "me" Khalid Abes , from Algeria exactly in 2012 with simple design made as prototype that reflect the main idea of elliot! which is combine all search engines in one place which make elliot the first multi-purpose search engine in the world




in the Begining we founded elliot with very classic design, the beta-test was hosted on free hosting sub-domain, no fund and no international payment method available to pay, no one contributed to give us a hosting server even the big companies, that was a deception that led us to greater successes to create own hosting company, in parallel with the graduation project, there is no time to work on design and programming, so the site remained in the classic interface until the end Q2 of 2013, waiting the birth of elliot to see the light of day.

Birth of elliot

april 2013

Few months working to collect fund as freelance, then e-payment gate was opened to my country, i got my first MasterCard from Payoneer that allowed us to get access to PayPal services as worldwide payment gateway, a new feelling that i was placed in the center of everything.
So i hosted my project on the domain " elliotsearchengine.org " that's that's enough for me, it's the time to take pause to finish my studies.

Pause & Go

may 2013

That's the last year to discuss my project for Master Degree in Digital Communication in university, that research was around network security " Intrusion detection by machine learning " by using WEKA working on KDD Data-base of DARPA " Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency " of U.S. Department of Defense, was the first project in Algeria with collaboration of PhD students in Artificial Intelligence analysis and data-mining, it's important momen for me because, i was sure that i'll be free after this year for continue my startup.

Welcome Back

january 2014

Firstly, i have graduated of Master Degree with distinction, by fllowing the leadership styles and methods to paving the way for elliot! and other projects, i created my backbone, the promised web hosting company " Santranico & Associates .Ltd " headquartered in (London) United Kingdom & subsidiaries based in Florida, Under the legislation of the United Kingdom and the laws of Florida, USA.

New transition

April 2014

April 2014, is the time to wake up on elliot! here i discovered my forgotten project, has gained immense popularity over the past year, i can't believe! most visitors from USA, Canada, Europe, the analytics are very encouraging, so i restarted working to optimize the front-end to give new look, it's better than before, and i hosted my project on my own web hosting company.

new look

June 26th 2015

JUNE 2015, elliot! Search rolling out a massive update on elliot desktop and mobile interface, now system perform well on all devises based multi-screen resizing following a responsive diagram, The desktop and mobile versions of your site share the same domain, as they represent the same site, with different viewing modes on : Android, iOS iPhone/ iPad, Tablets, Retina Screen, Smart Tv ...ect


June 18th 2017

June 18th 2017, Once again, to see the changes in elliot! , with the advancement of web technologies, it has become necessary to chase development according to international standards for Web IT, for that reason so we radically changed the interface of the search engine, solving many bugs reported by users, friends surveys and follow the latest Google guidelines, tips, recommendation suite of Experience from optimization Lab, in known google is our main partner recognized by Google in connection with our active products and services.

CEO Biography


Web IT Startup

Student at UBMA, Digial communication & Signal Processing Private developer, basics skills in HTML/PHP and CSS, just open my eyes on Web IT developement.


CEO & Founder

First creation of the prototype of elliot search engine, front-end based on static HTML/CSS, Kernel based 69% JavaScript/ jQuery / Ajax and Google API.


CEO & Founder

Creation of Santranico Web Hosting & Associates with Partnership of LiQuidNet Incorporate in United Kingdom / USA .


Web Entrepreneur

Founder of "PHENIX Technologies" : Registred Computer consulting office, for all informatique service and web design, manage +3 projects in startup and incubation phases in e-commece baesd on Saas business model,  next transition we will move as private holding company for all our projects " AK internet Group .llc "